This page tells you the terms and conditions on which we will sponsor an open source developer. UmbHost Limited may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

UmbHost Limited reserves the right to stop providing this sponsorship scheme at any time without notice.

The sponsorship amount will be 5% or £1 or $2, which ever is greater, of the monthly hosting package fee.
The sponsorship will be for a developer of your choice.
The sponsorship will be applied once per hosting package sold, you may donate to different developers for each hosting package you purchase.
The sponsorship will remain active, only, whilst the hosting package is active, the sponsorship will be cancelled at the end of the billing term that the hosting package is cancelled.

The sponsorship will start on payment of the second (2nd) month of the hosting package.


  • The developer must be configured to accept sponsorships via GitHub sponsors
  • The developer must have enabled custom sponsorship amounts on their profile
  • The package must be using the MIT licence
  • The UmbHost Limited service must be purchased at full price from us


  • The package must not be associated with the UmbHost account holder, the only exception to this would be if you are a contributor to the package
  • The package must not be created or maintained by the employer of the UmbHost account holder
  • If the package licence is changed to a non MIT licence after the sponsorship starts, the sponsorship will be cancelled immediately.
  • The package must not be commercial
  • Any services purchased from UmbHost Limited which are discounted in anyway, whether that be by a discount or promotion code, link, coupon or any other method are excempt from this scheme.

If the developer stops accepting sponsorships via GitHub sponsors, then we will contact you to choose an alternative developer and package.

You may request for no developer to be sponsored, this however would not make any hosting packages liable for a discount.

All payments made to open source developers are completely voluntary by UmbHost Limited.
UmbHost Limited will only make the sponsorship payment in months where the business finances allow this.

There is no cash alternative.

If the developer wishes to not accept sponsorships from UmbHost, then the developer would need to get in contact with us to request this.