Tree Sponsorship Scheme

This page tells you the terms and conditions on which we will sponsor the purchase of trees. UmbHost Limited may modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

UmbHost Limited reserves the right to stop providing this sponsorship scheme at any time without notice.

The sponsorship amount will be 5% or £1 or $2, which ever is greater, of the monthly hosting package fee.
The sponsorship will purchase trees via our Ecologi profile.
The sponsorship will be applied once per hosting package sold.
Trees will only be purchased for each month the hosting account is active.


  • The UmbHost Limited service must be purchased at full price from us

You may request for no trees to be sponsored, this however would not make any hosting packages liable for a discount.

All payments made are completely voluntary by UmbHost Limited.
UmbHost Limited will only make the sponsorship payment in months where the business finances allow this.

There is no cash alternative.